About Us

3D Gens or 3D Generation were established with the aim to industrialize 3D modeling and 3D Printing. With a vision to become the pioneer in digital Manufacturing anchored by a solid foundation in CAD/CAM and Additive Manufacturing Technology.
The founder, Dr. Izhar Aziz has resolute courage to bring the 3D Printing technology to a realization in Malaysia and has strong believe that one day 3D Printing will be a new culture.
The company started by penetrating Malaysia medical industry tackling niche areas such as surgical planning and customized medical implants and devices. The response are overwhelming thus planning to expand services in orthopedics, maxillofacial and dentistry. Applications are not limited to medical, other potential areas are engineering, automotive and aerospace industries.

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3D Gens Leadership Team

3D Gens leadership team is responsible for the strategic direction of 3D Gens. They have extensive experience within their disciplines and are committed to making 3D Gens a centre of excellence for additive manufacturing.

Dr Izhar Abd Aziz

Managing Director

Oversees operations, sets strategy, leads teams, and ensures organizational success.

Umar Ikramullah

Executive Director

Guides overall vision, strategy, and organizational management.

Hanna Zulika

Finance & Human Resource

Manage finances and HR operations for organizational effectiveness.

Hosni Mubarak

Business Development

Drive business growth through strategic development efforts.

Naz Ashari

Head of Operation

Lead operational activities to achieve organizational goals efficiently.

Masdie Ismail

Sales Manager

Direct sales team to achieve targets and revenue objectives