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At 3D Gens, we are dedicated to pioneering the industrialization of Additive Manufacturing Technology. We envision a future where creativity knows no bounds, and every industry can benefit from the efficiency and innovation enabled by additive processes. We celebrate innovators and engineers as pioneers of creativity. Additive Manufacturing facilitates the realization of their ideas and designs, transforming them from concepts to functional end-use parts. What was once confined to prototyping is now capable of printing fully functional components.

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PSI LOGIC Maxfac - mandibular reconstruction

Reconstruction of mandibular defect resulting from segmental mandibulectomy is one of many challenges faced by oral surgeons. Last year, we have designed, simulated and printed patient specific implant particular for mandibular reconstruction through 3d printing technology. It is very challenging task as to achieve optimal functional and better aesthetic results for each patients that we served. Digital workflow and 3d metal printing made it possible for us and we become the first local company that able to offer surgical planning, cutting guide and patient specific implant for Maxillofacial surgeons. Read More

3D Printing Training

knowledge remains one of the greatest barriers to AM’s wider adoption. AM is transforming how products is designed, produced and serviced. AM enables on demand production without dedicated equipment or tooling, unlocks digital design tools, and offers breakthrough performance and unparalleled flexibility across industries Read More

3D Printed Mannequin

3D Printed mannequin is one of exciting project to work with. This project pushes 3d printing technology to the limits in terms of time, weight precision, strength and finishing. Within 2 weeks we have to produce a human size scale Read More

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