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Innovation and 3D Printing Technology are two terms that you can’t separate. If you love innovation, you will love 3D Gens as we have mastered 3D printing technology that will revolutionize the way you make almost anything. In 3D Gens we take 3D printed objects to the next level.

About Us

3D Gens Sdn Bhd

  • 3D Gens or 3D Generation were established with the aim to industrialize 3D modeling and 3D Printing.

    With a vision to become the pioneer in digital Manufacturing anchored by a solid foundation in CAD/CAM and Additive Manufacturing Technology.

    The founder, Dr. Izhar Aziz has resolute courage to bring the 3D Printing technology to a realization in Malaysia and has strong believe that one day 3D Printing will be a new culture.

  • The company started by penetrating Malaysia medical industry tackling niche areas such as surgical planning and customized medical implants and devices.

    The response are overwhelming thus planning to expand services in orthopedics, maxillofacial and dentistry. Applications are not limited to medical, other potential areas are engineering, automotive and aerospace industries.

Dr. Izhar started his career as a process engineer and was appointed as researcher at Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centre (AMTC). He has channeled his efforts through the set-up of academy courses and laboratories for both academics as well as industrial training in 3D Metal Printing.

  • Vision

    To establish as the Centre of Excellence (CoE) for 3D Printing technology that driving product innovation, pioneering digital manufacturing and deliver the best manufacturing solutions to our client.

  • Mission

    To be a technology oriented engineering company adopting 3D Printing technology that revolutionized conventional manufacturing for better quality services.

    To be a certified and accredited e-Manufacturing company for Engineering & Biomedical Devices by adopting 3D Printing technology.

Research & Development

3D Gens Sdn Bhd

  • We understand the potential of 3D Printing technology and the need of new material and processes that can be used for many applications; medical, automotives, jewelry just to name a few.

    A collaboration with research institution is mainly in medical implants and devices. Through the calibration, we bridging the gap between the industry and researcher by producing what they need for a better health care.

    We also work with Innovative Product Development Centre (IPDC), in the United Kingdom for joint product development which focus in metal 3D Printing that stretches to automotive, Oil & Gas and consumer products.

Strategic Partnership

3D Gens Sdn Bhd

  • 3D Gens have engaged with international companies for contract manufacturing particularly in medical implants fabrication using 3D Printing technology. Currently, we have been working closely with our contract manufacturers in producing customized medical implants and devices for neuro and maxillofacial surgery.

    We have the capability to design medical implants and devices but yet to have the certification for manufacturing. Therefore, we embarking in strategic partnership with well known accredited companies with CE, FDA and CFDA such in the UK (Cavendish), Europe (Layerwise), United States (DiSanto) and China (Jiangsu).

    Our aim to become the first Malaysian company to produce patient specific implant via 3d Printing Technology.

Our clients

Our client mainly government & private hospitals especially for patient medical implants. Product stretches from cranio-maxillofacial implants , surgical instruments, plates screws and orthopedics implants. Our services also include 3d modeling, simulation and unique modeling assessment such as airways modeling and analysis for maxillofacial cases. As for 3D printing training and consultation, we catered universities and government agencies for engineering parts that includes reverse engineering, scanning and product development

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Our Office

  • 3D Gens Sdn Bhd

    06-01 Plaza Azalea, No6, Persiaran Bandaraya Seksyen 14, 40000, Shah Alam, Selangor

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